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Milford, DE: Community Video Tour

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Video Audio: As we age a solid health care plan is vital. Unfortunately for our senior citizens the Healthcare System. Well, it can be difficult to navigate alone. There are many hurdles that may prevent you from getting the proper access to the care you need now, here’s the good news Pace your life in Milford. Aims to help you navigate those hurdles Leah Rizzo is there to find out how as we get older it can become increasingly difficult to live independently the division between Healthcare and health insurance makes getting proper Healthcare and basic necessities confusing and hard to get that’s where Lisa Bond and the incredible team at PACE your life in Milford Delaware steps in at PACE. What we do is provide comprehensive Coordinated Care to people who are over the age of 55 and finding that they need some supports in the home. Maybe they need help bathing or dressing or with cooking with medication management. And so we really provide all those services in one place for them. If you were to become a participant the team it pays your life meets. Every morning to come up with a customized plan for you to meet your specific Healthcare needs when somebody joins us. They get a whole team of people. We have an interdisciplinary team that includes a doctor a nurse a home health coordinator a registered dietitian a social worker and activities director and occupational and recreational therapist a transportation manager and personal care attendance and we all work together to develop a customized what we call plan of care for that individual. So how does one become a participant with Pace your life people can self refer they can call us or go on our website to make a self referral. We also get a lot of referrals from family members caregivers Doctors Hospitals and we take those referrals and we reach out we have a group of people that solely focus on the intake and enrollment. We will go out to the home. We’ll work with the participant and their caregivers if they choose to help determine if this is a program that they want to join and if it’s going to be a good fit for them after the enrollment. Process the team at pays your life. Is there every step of the way and if your plan requires home delivered meals or you’re dealing with food insecurity Pace your life will come to you. We will provide home delivered meals if someone is food insecure or no longer able to cook, so we really look at just what’s going on, and it’s entirety with that individual and with caregivers or caregivers are involved and will offer a lot of support to the caregivers as well and training. If you prefer your meals to be more social Pace your life serves two meals a day at the day Center. So here we really are a One-Stop shot. Most of our participants come to the day Center one or more days a week, and if you come to the day Center, you’re gonna get breakfast and lunch. We do a nice big mean meal of the day for lunch, and you’re also going to do activities while you’re here and obviously get to socialize with your peers. If you also need to see the doctor, we have a clinic here on site, so you would go back and see your primary care physician whether it be because you’re due for a wellness check or you’re just not feeling Out we can also do blood draws and blood work here so we can do that all on site and we have a rehabilitation gym. That’s really beautiful. And so if you need physical or occupational therapy, we also do that while you’re here on site another big hurdle that many seniors face is that of transportation and not being able to get from place to place means you’re probably not getting the proper health care. So one of the biggest challenges in Kent in Sussex County is transportation and a lot of people are not getting good health care because they don’t have a way to get there at PACE your life. We have buses and vans and we do provide transport to the center but also to doctors appointments and what better spokesperson to tell you how wonderful Pace your life is then one of its participants like Mr. Ed darling I wanted reasons. I want to come here. I lost my life about two and a half years ago and it was things are getting on my mind. You know, it’s just was bad things in addition to the care. He’s received and also likes making friends here. I’ve been here for a while. I like the people they’re nice they help you out and there’s there’s not too much that was wrong. They’re right there for you. I mean they They make a happy I try to work with the people myself. I introduce myself and let him know who I am. And that way it makes me feel better too. So obviously really is special. Remember they handle transportation for participants who are Homebound and that is something that kind of sets them apart. Yeah, that’s very very important. Very important.