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Our Mission

Providing comprehensive, community-based care with love

Seniors’ many needs, from medical care and rehabilitative therapies to social-services assistance, social interaction, and recreation, are too overwhelming and stressful for them to deal with alone.

We provide a solution: a community-based care program for seniors.

At PACE Your LIFE, we provide for all these needs under one roof, so they can keep their independence and maintain their physical and emotional well-being.

elderly white female in blue sweater with mask on
elderly white male in beige sweater

Our Vision

Helping seniors age with grace and dignity: increasing quality of life

We believe seniors are healthiest and happiest when living independently in the comfortable familiarity of their own homes. We also recognize that many seniors cannot be completely self-reliant.

PACE Your LIFE bridges that gap.

Our Values

Listen and be present
Be patient and kind
Communicate, communicate, communicate
Exceed expectations
Make it a great day

elderly African American male in a trilby hat seated

Meet Our Team

Richard Doe

General Practitioner

Richard Doe


Richard Doe

General Practitioner

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National Pace Association

For more information and news on the PACE model of care, please click the button below to see what’s happening nationally with the PACE Association.

What Our Participants Have To Say

Elderly white woman with African American nurse

John & Jane Doe

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